My lil Zoe went to surgery late this afternoon ,

Zoe is having a wonderful day in the sun

Our female addition to an a male house home ! She’s a blue nose pit

Family , kids , girlfriend

With this many lil people & adults
It’s very entertaining at times , with children jus don’t quite know what they are capable of saying at times . Staci & William couldn’t been any luckier
And with kari I’m very lucky

To watch Kari interact with her grand kids is Awesome to see .
Love you Kari
Had an Awesome weekend with my girlfriend & our kids what a blast
Aww I woke up to the most beautiful woman this morning , I love you Kari
I’ve never really missed anybody but you.
Yes I do miss kari
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Yeah, thought I’d never say it ! But I do

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Someday we’ll know why I wasn’t meant for you.
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Will see!

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